​     I created my first "Bird Block" when I was thirteen. I painted a bird of paradise with acrylic on paper, glued it to wood and then varnished it. Little did I know then I would be making many more "Bird Blocks" decades later. It wasn't until I was married that my wife opened my eyes to the hidden world around me. I was amazed I had lived for so many years without realizing the beauty of birds that flit in and out of our sight.

I grew up in Africa and finally moved to Alaska in 1993 after attending Art Center College of Design in California.

     My artwork is created from a great love of the many changing moods of nature and the sense of mystery and expectation that is created from ever varying colors and shapes. On my many walks I have rejoiced in the decorative quality of nature which inspires my illustrations. My goal is to make each painting a poem of color, light and form that captures the essence of my inspiration. Birds are as fleeting and mysterious as mist and cloud that can quickly appear and just as suddenly disappear. Our feathered friends are also symbols of the mysterious, eternal life force and a connection with the spiritual path. The act of creating the Celtic/Norse inspired knotwork that you see in some of my work is my way of connecting with this spiritual path. Now, thanks to my wife, I view birds as highly symbolic and life enriching. The experience of being in their presence as an almost religious event. I hope I can share some of this delight with others that may feel the same way. The Robin in my logo pays homage to Robin, my wife, who helps me assemble the "Bird Blocks".

You can find my landscapes of Alaska and my mythic landscapes here:


François Girard

Studio Girard, specializing in beautiful, original decorative bird art including unique designs, illustrations and paintings.
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